This Is What The Little Pocket In Women’s Underwear Is Really For

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Have you ever noticed the little pocket in the middle of your knickers? It’s not just there for no reason and is actually super essential for your health and hygiene.

From buying and of course, wearing underwear, you’ll have noticed that many of them have a little pocket on the bottom. We’re here to tell you exactly what its purpose is. 

First of all, it actually has a technical name – a gusset. Whilst some people will refer to it as “crotch pocket”, a gusset arguably sounds a little more tasteful to the ear. And it’s not actually a pocket either! So, no – it isn’t a secret compartment for us to keep our lipstick there. So, what is it actually for?

Well, we thought you’d never ask. As we know, a woman’s intimate area is actually on of the most sensitive parts of her body, requiring us to be careful with the types of soaps we use as well as the material that we wear to ensure that everything remains balanced and fresh.

Whilst many synthetic materials tend to be very irritating and often don’t allow skin to breathe, we also know that nowadays our undies don’t just come in your standard shapes and materials – we’ve got lace, silk, cotton as well as polycotton, just to name a few. Can some of these fabrics cause problems, you know, down there? Unfortunately, yes. So, should we avoid wearing sexy undies made of lace? Hell no! These is where the gusset comes in…

The gusset provides a soft and comfortable lining to protect against friction from synthetic materials which don’t protect against rubbing, bacteria and sweat. So, if you haven’t got the budget for silk undies, make sure all your undies have a lining, even in non-synthetic material (such as cotton) as it’s absolutely essential for your hygiene.READ ALSOOnce Named The Strongest Girl In The World, This Is What She Looks Like Now

Wearing comfortable and breathable underwear ensures you stay dry and friction-free, avoiding nasty scenarios of a yeast infection and other forms of skin irritation. Whilst we love our gorgeous pink lacies, it might be best to wear those less often as they are not designed to wear for long periods of time. Always opt for high-quality, non synthetic materials such as cotton. And of course, make sure there’s a gusset!

So, there you have it – we really do learn something new every day, don’t we?


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