Every Woman Should Know These 12 Tricks With Vicks Vaporub

Every woman is unique in her own way and she needs to be perfect by taking an appropriate care for health and beauty.

The famous Vicks Vaporub is capable of treating many health issues such as cold, cough. However this versatile product can also be used in numerous ways.

Here are 12 such amazing tricks of Vicks Vaporub that every woman should know to lead a better and healthy life.

12 Amazing Tricks Of Vicks Vaporub

1. Treat Headaches:

Just take little amount of balm and apply it on your forehead and temples to get rid of headache easily without using any medications.

2. Soften The Heels:

It is quite difficult to handle cracked heels, but with Vicks Vaporub it is easy enough to handle.

Apply thin layer of Vicks vapaorub on your heels and cover your feet with socks and leave it until morning.

Then, remove the socks and wash your feet. Remove dead skin cells by using pumice stone; repeat it regularly to see beneficial results.

3. Fresh Air:

To refresh the air in your room, all you need to do is combine a little amount of Vicks Vaporub with your room humidifier.

4. Reduces Belly Fat:

If you are one of those persons who doesn’t want to go for workout regularly. Here is the best thing you need to do without shedding your sweat on the ground.

Crush a camphor tablet and mix it with little amount of sodium, alcohol and Vicks Vaporub.

Mix it well, until it becomes smooth paste and apply it on your belly before going to sleep.

Don’t forget to wrap it with a plastic wrap and leave it to act during the night.

5. Soothe Back Pain And Muscle Pain:

The back and muscles pains can be effectively treated with Vicks Vaporub. Just apply little amount of Vicks on the affected area and get rid of the pain easily.

6. Treats Bruises:

Apply Vicks Vaporub on the bruises and get rid of them within short time.

7. Get Rid Of Stretch Marks:

Apply little amount of this ointment on affected areas and you will see the changes within 2 weeks.

8. Prevent Pet Incidents:

Applying little amount of it on the places where your pet mind it business, you can prevent further accidents by its strong pungent smell.

9. Use It As Insect Repellent:

All insect repellants are loaded with chemicals, instead replace them with Vicks Vaporub will help you to avoid insects, mosquitoes and flies in your place.

10. Avoid Toenail Fungus:

To avoid toenail fungus, apply it on the toenails regularly before going to bed and clip off the infected nail in the morning.

11. Prevent Inflammations And Infection:

Cuts and wounds will get easily infected, so apply Vicks Vaporubs to clean them and speed up the recovery.

12. Protect Your Furniture From Cats:

Cats often love comfort furniture and to protect your furniture from scratching of your cat, just leave the Vicks Vaporub where your cats likes to be and this deals with the problem you have!

4 Mistakes You Keep Making When You Shave Your Legs !

Some ladies like to showcase their bare feet included in their beauty regimen in warmer months. Ladies, you almost certainly have actually leg that is a elimination routine down pat that works for your life style and routine.

But you that is have that maybe you’ve been doing indirect damage to your legs? If you use a razor that is manual you may have nicked yourself here or there, or had a brush with razor burn.

Dr. Oz and dermatologist Dr. Cybele Fishman break down some common shaving mistakes and give tips to get a clean, close shave.

Shaving First in the Shower

We’ve done it. Jump within the shower, lather the legs up quickly, and shave first. It’s a task we would like to get over with. In accordance with Dr. Fishman, shaving does that is first give the hair time that is enough get moist.

Allowing coarse that is the to get wet and soften also enables the pores and follicles to open up. The moisture helps with creating easier that is an, and also help prevent razor burn.

The doctor recommends waiting until at least 5 minutes in the have that is shower before shaving. Another reason? Cleaning your skin first through regular or that is scrubbing exfoliation will help get rid of any dirt or dead skin cells before you shave.

Dry Shaving

Lather up! Providing a glide that is smooth important for avoiding nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.

Dr. Oz demonstrated that tiny nicks and cuts can progress into complete blow skin infections like staph or some other oozy sore that is pus-filled. Dr. Fishman mentions using cream that is a instead or even hair conditioner for a good, moist lather.

There are actually shave creams that don’t require water to use so those of you who like to shave on the go may find them useful. Cream shaves work great as lather but also as skin moisturizer, making the skin supple resistant that is and ingrown hairs and rashes. It’s als good that is o note that bar soap is actually drying to the skin, so using a good lubricating agent is important for a close and clean shave.

Shaving Up

Most women probably upwards that are shave. Think it’s faster, easier, and more comfortable for the wrist about it. But the reason that is obvious NOT shave upwards is that it goes against the grain.

If you compare a man’s shaving habits with a woman’s, men don’t shave against the grain. Dr. Fishman suggests shaving downwards to lower the incidence of razor burn, cuts, nicks, and hair that is ingrown. Since hair grows downward, shaving can that is down prevent the hair growing back in a curled fashion – causing painful ingrown hairs.

We know that shaving upwards results in a closer, cleaner shave, but experts recommend that if you must go up, at least shave down on the very first pass to curb problems. After that, shaving upwards may be better for women that is some. For those women who have sensitive skin, shaving downwards is the best to do it to avoid burns, etc.

Wrap Your Feet In Aluminium Foil and Wait For 1 Hour! What Happens Next Will Surprise You!

Did you know aluminum that is regular is fantastic not only for cooking into the oven and wrapping meals leftovers, but in addition for dealing with different health problems.

In accordance with Russian and Chinese healers, while the link between some research that is medical aluminum foil features a very good anti-inflammatory properties, it can be utilized externally for therapeutical purposes.


Aluminum foil is fantastic for dealing with conditions that are painful arthritis, gout, sciatica and heel pain! All you’ve got to do is wrap the foil around the many area that is painful the human body and use a medical bandage to help keep it nice and protected. It’s most readily useful before going to bed and leave it instantly when you do this.

Repeat this treatment any for around fourteen days while making a two week break night. The pain sensation ought to be gone but until such time you feel absolutely painless in the event that you still feel disquiet repeat the process. Wrap-Your-Feet-In-Few-Layers-Of-Aluminum-Foil


Aluminum Foil is definitely a way that is natural treat aching muscle mass with no discomfort or negative effects. Spot the aluminium foil regarding the paining muscles and fasten it by having a bandage. Keep it for approximately 9 to 10 hours. Take it off later on and you may notice the reduction that is quick of discomfort and tightness.


As a result of it’s anti-inflammatory impact, aluminum foil works well for fighting infections. Its totally safe and procedure that is normal treat cold and flu. Take a range that is long of and begin wrapping it on your foot. After each and every layer place a bit of cotton or paper textile. Wrap-around 5 such levels of foil every layer divided along with other paper that is utilizing cotton. Leave it for the full hour and untie most of the foils. After 2 hours, duplicate the therapy and then leave your feet wrapped for one more hour. Perform the process once again to finish the treatment. Follow this treatment for 6-7 times


Aluminum foil can additionally treat burns which are small by heated water, oil, vapor and any other liquid. First support the burn under cold water that is running couple of minutes. In case the skin isn’t damaged, dry it with a clean, soft cloth. If the skin is damaged, absorb the water through the injury using gauze that is sterile. Dry the injury very carefully before applying a layer that is thin of to stop the gauze from staying with the injury. Now put some aluminum foil over the burn (if the burn just isn’t open) or higher the gauze (in case there is an burn that is open and fasten it with a few bandage. Leave the foil until the pain diminishes.


Utilize this aluminum foil treatment to re-energize and recharge the cells which can be facial. Place some aluminium foil strips in a fridge for around 2-3 hours. Apply the frozen strips in the certain areas on your own face you intend to refresh, the face, cheeks or eyelids. Leave the strips in your face for 5-10 minutes or until such time you feel your muscles that are facial relaxed.

This Is What The Little Pocket In Women’s Underwear Is Really For !

We tend to overthink in life. Not just about the big stuff, but also about the small questions. Why is furniture mostly made brown? Why do walls come mostly in white color? Why is there are pocket in my pants???

Well, mostly the answers to these small silly questions are so obvious that when they hit you, you are going to be even more confused that you didn’t figure it out for yourself.

Underwear is the most common and universal piece of clothing all over the world. All ages, all genders, all nations. Underwear comes in all sizes and shapes – thongs, French cut panties, G-string, classic briefs etc.

However, all over the world they have a one thing in common – they all have a “small pocket” right in the middle, where the most intimate parts on our body are placed. Even man’s underwear have that!

Have you ever wondered – is there a purpose for this? It has to be! Otherwise, the sewing companies all over the world simply can not make the same mistake over and over again.

Well, here’s the answer. The “little pocket” is not a pocket at all, because the purpose is not putting something inside it.

It’s actually called a gusset. A gusset is “a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight fitting clothing.”

And to be plagiate protected, they have to invent new ideas for the style and the look, the material of the underwear etc. With all the diversity of materials and shapes underwear are made today, such as elastic bands, crochet, PVC, polyester, satin etc, comfort is the last thing on mind buying them.

Se*iness and trend is why most people buy underwear and their sole purpose – making you comfortable and protecting your intimate hygiene come in the last place nowadays.

That’s why all underwear have the gusset, which is always made from fine cotton, adding extra comfort in uncomfortable and tight materials.

This Is The Truth Behind The Scar Everyone Has On The Upper Left Arm

Many people have a small round scar on their left arm and it’s often different in size and shape in different people. But, where did this scar come from? Well, people who have been vaccinated for small pox are those who have a scar like this. Small pox was regarded as a serious issue before 1970s and this vaccine was mandatory.

Doctors used the Vaccinia virus to trigger an immune response that was meant to protect people from the Variola virus, the one that causes smallpox.

Doctors used a bifurcated needle dipped in Vaccinia solution. Then, each individual’s arm was poked several times. As the needle broke the skin, an amount on the vaccine was unloaded. This is why blisters formed at the vaccination area, and a scar followed after them.

A small swelling appeared, right after the application of the vaccine, that stayed there for 6-8 hours. The swelling would then disappear and the site would look normal. A swelling that looks like a mosquito bite appeared one again on the same spot after 6-8 weeks. This is when it started to grow and form a nodule. The nodule would break open and discharge fluid, forming a blister.

The entire process would take 2-5 weeks and sometimes the process of forming blisters would recur 2-3 times. This is how the scar got formed – a one that stay with the individual forever.

After the 1970s smallpox was no longer present in most of the countries int he world. Thus, a vaccination wasn’t needed unless someone wanted to travel to countries where there were still traces of the virus. After 1980, the Variola virus was officially regarded to have been eradicated from the world’s population.

Smallpox is a viral infectious disease that causes severe skin rash and fever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 3 out of 10 people died from the virus during the most significant smallpox outbreaks in the 20th century, while many others remained disfigured. Fortunately, researchers have been able to create a vaccine against this virus.

A major medical achievement was the establishment of a smallpox vaccine. But a distinctive mark or scar was left behind by the vaccine. When the virus reaches this dermal layer, it starts to multiply. This leads to the development of a small, round bump known as a papule. Then the papule develops into a vesicle that looks like a blister filled with fluid. This blistered area will ultimately scab over. While this indicates what doctors usually consider to be a successful vaccination, some people may be left with a scar.

Due to the natural healing process of the body, scars like from the smallpox vaccine scar form. When the skin is injured, the body responds rapidly to repair the tissue. The result is a scar. The scar is still skin tissue, just the skin fibers are arranged in a single direction instead of various directions. It takes time for normal skin cells to grow while scar tissue can grow faster.

The smallpox scar is a small, round scar and for most people it’s lower than the skin around it. Others might have bigger scars. They can be itchy at times, and the skin around them feels tighter.
Tips For Fading a Scar

A smallpox scar treatments are similar to those for general scarring. Some tips for reducing the appearance of the scar include:

Wear sunscreen over the scar at all times. Sun exposure can cause darker and thickening of scar tissue. This may make the appearance of a smallpox vaccine more pronounced.

Applying skin-softening ointments. These may help reduce the scar’s appearance. Examples include cocoa butter, natural oils, aloe, or allium cepa (onion bulb) extract ointments. However, it has not been scientifically proven that these treatments will completely reduce the appearance of scars.

Talking to a doctor. Dermabrasion is a process that promotes healing by removing the outer layers of the skin. The results of this scar treatment method are unpredictable.

Scar revision. This is a process where the affected skin is removed and the scar is stitched back together. While this creates another scar, the new scar is ideally less noticeable.

Skin grafting. You can talk to a doctor about skin grafting. The scarred area is replaced by new, healthy skin. However, the edges of the skin around the location of the graft may seem noticeably different.


Incomplete emptying of bowel is something that nobody wants. That can lead to stomach pain, discomfort, and feeling bloated. However, you need to bear in mind that an enormous impact on your bowel movements, and digestion and everything else in your body have your eating habits.

In case you have incomplete emptying of bowel it is very likely that your regular diet does not provide you with the essential nutrients you need.


The bowels usually accumulate and eliminate waste material and toxic substances from the body. That is how the bowels normally function. However, if the digestion is distorted the waste will stay in the bowels and lead to many health issues.

As a matter of fact, improper functioning of the muscles of the digestive tract might be one cause of incomplete emptying of the bowel. This might lead to an issue in the ability to pass a stool which is well-formed.

But you do not have to worry, in case you have this problem since you can treat it the natural way. In fact, it is recommended to do a complete bowel cleanse twice per year.

You need to do this in order to prevent the buildup of waste and toxins in your body and stop different health problems.


You can empty your bowels with a simple mixture which you can do at home.


  • Dates – 150 g
  • Plums – 150 g
  • Boiling water – 5 cups


First you need to put the water into a pot and boil it. After, you can add the other ingredients and let it simmer for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you need to put it aside in order to cool down.


You should take 1 tbsp. of this mixture every morning. This will help you improve your digestion, remove toxic wastes, boost your overall health and treat constipation.

Isn’t it amazing that you can achieve all that with just one tablespoon? Have you tried this before? If you find this article useful, share it with your friends and family.


Aspirin is one of the most well-known painkillers that we use nowadays. people use it to cure headaches, toothaches etc. But some people do not know that aspirin has other uses and benefits to our home and even to our health. Here are some amazing and surprising uses and benefits of aspirin in our daily living.You Might Also Like

Putting too much deodorant combined with sweat creates white patches on your shirts and T-shirts. Now, you can eliminate them! Crush 4 Aspirin pills. Dissolve them into a bowl filled with warm water. Put the clothes in this bowl and leave them to soak for about 1 hour. Then, take off the clothes and wash them as usual.


Now you can preserve your fresh flowers for a longer period of time. Crush an Aspirin pill and put it in the vase. This process should be repeated every 2 weeks.


If you want your face to be smooth and clean, this is an amazing exfoliant. Take 2 Aspirin tablets. Crush them and combine them with a little bit of lemon juice and some baking soda. Create a homogenous paste.
Put this on your face with some circular massaging movements. It should stay for 20 minutes. Remove it afterward. Repeat the process once on every 2 weeks. Your skin will be dazzling very quicklyPROMOTED CONTENT


We all want to remove the hairs on our body. Aspirin is a solution for that! Grind 3 Aspirin tablets and combine them with some warm water. Put it on the area with hairs and use circular massaging movements to apply the mixture. Leave it on for 10 minutes and eliminate it using plenty of cold water. This process should be repeated 3 times a week for a period of 4 weeks.

Combine a little bit of honey, brown sugar and an Aspirin pill. Put it on your lips with massaging movements. Let it stay for 15 minutes and then eliminate it using plenty of water. This process should be repeated every 2 weeks.


You surely want to rest your feet after a hard day at work. They are very sensitive and become dry, full of cracks and calluses. Crush 4 Aspirin tablets with a little bit of lemon juice and put the mixture on your feet with circular massaging movements. Let it stay for 10 minutes. Remove it with a dry cloth. Use a pumice stone afterward. This process should be repeated 3 times a week for 1 month.


Crush 2 Aspirin pills and combine them with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and prepare a paste. Put it on your face with circular movements and repeat it twice a week. Your face will be fresh and toned!


You can eliminate dandruff with the help of Aspirin! Crush 2 tablets and combine them with your usual shampoo. Rinse your hair as you usually do. Let the mixture stay on it for 5 minutes. Remove it using plenty of water. Repeat it 3 times a week for a period of 4 weeks.


All the wrinkles can be eliminated with the help of a paste made with Aspirin. Grind 4 tablets and mix them with some warm water. Obtain a paste-like consistency. Put it on your face with massaging movements. This process should be repeated 2 times a week.
Isn’t it amazing how Aspirin could be used for so many different things? Solve your problems with a cheap solution! Aspirin!

10 Warning Signs of Liver Damage You Should Not Ignore

Liver damage is one of those afflictions that happens to almost every adult above the age of 40. It is a sign that you are not taking care of your body. But, do we always understand the signs? No. Sometimes, we think it is because of the things we eat, but it goes way deeper than that. Liver damage can be potentially fatal, depending upon the severity of it. Interestingly, your body keeps warning you about it. So, why not listen to it?

Here are signs that you should look out for liver damage:

Swelling of the Stomach

One of those signs that hint at liver damage. Although, you need to properly realize the place it swells. What you are looking for is the upper left part, just behind the ribcage. If that part swells, you can be sure of liver damage.

Stomach Pain

The swelling is accompanied by stomach pain. It occurs just below the swelling and happens in intervals. If it gets beyond your suffering limit and you feel that your stomach is about to burst, go see a specialist immediately.


Another definite indicator of liver damage. This happens because your liver isn’t being allowed to process all the toxins and yet the body needs to work more. This leads to exhaustion.


The amount of protein starts decreasing in the body for the liver starts fizzling. This results in the blood not being able to thicken, thus leading to more wounds, which refuse to heal. Also, there is a direct correlation between people with liver problems and blood issues. People with liver problems have a lesser platelet count, which doesn’t allow their wounds to clot.


This is another indicator. People feel queasy when their liver refuses to work and this sickness lasts for a long time. Sometimes, it gets too much to bear and can also be fatal. What is needed at this point is a quick visit to the doctor, who would help you deal with it.


Now, this might come in two different ways. One is dry, that is your stomach wrenching and gurgling because your liver is unable to maintain the disposal of toxins. The other being regurgitating the previous meal because your liver cannot digest food now.

Loose Bowels

Bowel related activities go completely haywire when the liver stops functioning.

Hunger Issues

This isn’t just a physical but a psychological problem too. When one has liver problems, their brain tends to signal the rest of the digestive system to not assimilate more food, for it would result in puking. Even if you might be ravenously hungry!


While it may seem something predominantly found in kids, jaundice can occur in adults too. When the liver stops functioning, the toxins deposited refuse to be destroyed and turn into bile. This bile then results in the yellowing of the eyes and urine, while the stool becomes light. The afflicted human should immediately start treatment.

Psychological Issues

Psychologically, the repercussions to liver problems can go till the loss of concentration and focus. In some cases, it can also lead to Alzheimer’s.


The tongue analysis comes from the antiquated therapeutic routine with regards to Ayurveda, a framework that underpins generally wellbeing through cautious perception of the body and brain.

Its introduce is that we are comprised of shifting extents of common components – air, earth, fire, water, and ether, that make the 3 essential protected sorts, ‘dosha’s’: Vata (air and ether), Kapha (earth and water) and Pitta (fire and water).

The Vata tongue is somewhat harsh and dry, more slender, and littler, and the Pitta tongue is medium in size, marginally dry, and redder in shading. The Kapha tongue is pinkish, bigger, full, and somewhat wet.

In the event that you stop and break down your tongue in the mirror, you may see signs that are side effects of some medical problems you encounter:

Breaks are more often than not at the middle or back of the tongue and show a broken gut or an intestinal malabsorption, hypersensitivities or sustenance sensitivities.


The tongue has its ordinary film on it yet is the mucous is oily, thick, yellow or white, it may be an indication of a mucous develop and poisons in the insides. In the event that it is amassed amidst the tongue, it is an indication of an issue with the small digestive system, and if at the back of the tongue, you have a colon issue.

Dull hairs on the tongue can be to a great degree awful however is anything but an indication of a noteworthy concern. As indicated by Jack Der-Sarkissian, MD, a family doctor with Kaiser Permanente in Southern California:

“Commonly [black and bristly tongue] is expedited by smoking, drinking espresso and dull teas, or poor dental cleanliness. Expelling the culpable reason, such as smoking, and brushing the tongue or utilizing a tongue scrubber, might be all you require.”

This is an indication of a poor processing or retention of minerals. The splits and teeth engraves are a manifestation of an issue in the digestion tracts, and teeth engravings can likewise show low stomach corrosive.

This can be an early indication of tongue malignant growth, however don’t freeze immediately, and ensure you don’t mistake them for a blister, patches, or red injuries, that settle themselves inside half a month. What you have to do is to promptly check it and analyze the reason for the issue.


Keeping the tongue clean will bolster the strength of the interior organs. Accordingly, ensure you rub it a few times day by day utilizing a tongue scrubber, and you will detoxify it, invigorate absorption, and the capacity of all body organs. In addition, its every day perception is a valuable precaution device that will enable you to evade genuine medical problems, and any positive changes will screen your advancement as far as wellbeing.

43 Signs of Fibromyalgia You Should Be Aware Of

About 10 million Americans are affected by fibromyalgia. It is a very common condition. There are even people who have it, but aren’t aware of its presence. There are also doctors who can’t recognize fibromyalgia in a patient and often misdiagnose him/her.

It’s very important to know whether you have this condition so that you could relieve yourself from the pain as well as the unpleasant symptoms.

The condition can’t be cured, but some medicines, cognitive behavioral therapies as well asgentle exercise can help you.

Muscle pain is the first thing that people think of when they hear about fibromyalgia.

People with fibromyalgia also feel tenderness to touch which spreads throughout their body as well as many other problems. This is a condition which affects their emotional, mental physical health.


It still isn’t clear what causes fibromyalgia. You can’t prevent this condition, but you can control it. You just have to be aware that you have it.PROMOTED CONTENT

There isn’t a test that doctors can use to diagnose fibromyalgia. The doctor only asks the patient whether he/she experiences some of the symptoms below.You Might Also Like

The doctor also performs various tests and methods like: antinuclear antibody, blood count, rheumatoid factor, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, thyroid test, MRIand X-rays.

Here are the most common symptoms. In case you’ve noticed some of them, visit a specialist.


  • Muscle twitching
  • Swelling
  • Morning stiffness
  • Tender and lumpy breasts
  • Mild to severe pain which may spread to other parts of the body
  • Fatigue
  • Grinding teeth
  • Hypnic jerk (otherwise known as the feeling of falling while sleeping)
  • Difficulty sleeping/Broken sleeping pattern, you feel very tired and lethargic every morning
  • Muscle twitching during sleep
  • Ringing ears
  • Thick mucus
  • A runny nose as well as post nasal drip
  • Shortness of breath
  • Earaches and itchy ears
  • Sensitivity to molds and yeasts as well as allergies
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Pelvic pain, nausea, abdominal crampsand bloating
  • Frequent urination
  • Difficulty seeing in night drivingand low lighting
  • Increased sensitivity to climate changes, light, noise, smells, pressureand temperature
  • Language impairments as well as difficulty speaking familiar words
  • Poor coordinationand balance
  • Burning and tingling in the upper limbs
  • Zone out often, short-term memory, difficulty differentiating between some color shades and difficulty with concentration
  • Directional difficulties, difficulty recognizing familiar surroundings
  • Loss of libido
  • Impotence
  • PMS as well as other menstrual problems
  • Valve problems
  • Pain similar to a heart attack
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Overly-ridged nailsor nails which curve under
  • Hair loss
  • Skin which appears mottled, bruises or scars easily
  • Mood swingsand unexplained irritability
  • Anxiety, depression, panic attack
  • Family history
  • Unexplained weight gainor weight loss
  • Sweats
  • Headachesand migraines
  • Carbohydrate and chocolate cravings
  • Vision problems

All of the abovementioned signs can also mean that you have another condition, so don’t be afraid, For example, PMS, cravings, frequent mood swingsandheadaches don’t only signify fibromyalgia.

Just consult your doctor. Don’t conclude anything yourself.


  • practice yoga
  • use acupuncture
  • try mindful breathing
  • practice tai chi
  • go to massages
  • use anti-inflammatory herbs like for example, turmeric, garlicand ginger
  • consume organic, whole, anti-inflammatory foods
  • take magnesium,  vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements
  • do gentle exercise