9 Signs There’s Serious Chemistry Between You And Your Partner

The word science itself is confounding, would it say it isn’t? Luckily, we’re not talking about the sort including intermittent tables and geek goggles. In basic terms, science – with regards to a relationship – can be characterized as an “association between two individuals.” This sort of science can be sentimental or dispassionate, positive or negative. In this article, we’ll concentrate on positive and (for the most part) sentimental connections. We’ll dive a bit into the science and brain science of sentimental science, also. All in all, how might you tell if this baffling science exist? HERE ARE TEN OF THE MORE COMMON SIGNS

1. A lot of Smiling
In the event that there’s an association between two individuals, there’s probably going to be a lot of grins – and the reason is basic. At the point when our mind is glad, we grin; a characteristic response that happens between the two companions and sentimental interests. Indeed, even modest and withdrawn sorts will streak the infrequent enormous grin all over when an association is apparent.

2. A Sense of Familiarity
Ever meet somebody and simply hit it off? Did you become friends, as well as believed as though you’ve known the individual for quite a long time? A solid feeling of recognizably doesn’t occur all the time – and that is a piece of what makes the sensation extraordinarily one of a kind. When it happens, there’s a solid sentiment comfort and a characteristic, streaming discussion.

3. Sexual Attraction
We’re hereditarily disposed to look for somebody with whom we have a solid physical fascination. Individuals are a mating and recreating animal groups, all things considered. While solid sexual attraction is the reason for sentimental associations, there might be a touch of physical fascination in kinships too; yet to a considerably lesser degree and for various, more intricate reasons.

4. Otherworldly Connection
While we’re in some cases unfit to comprehend why we feel a specific otherworldly association with somebody, there’s no denying its quality. Kelly Campbell, an Associate Professor of Psychology at California State University – San Bernardino, writes in Psychology Today: “I do realize that when I initially meet somebody and experience that inclination, it places me into the stream of life. I am revived and anxious to take in more.”

5. Same Sense of Humor
Two people with a similar comical inclination are probably going to have extraordinary science. Moreover, this common cleverness extends the sentiments you have for the other individual, regardless of the possibility that they’re only a companion. Most people who have a comparative comical inclination likewise think alike. It’s additionally a solid and tried approach to decide if you have an association with another person.

6. Feeling Instantly Comfortable
We addressed this a bit in #2, however, a quick feeling of solace with somebody is an intense sign of science. When we meet somebody out of the blue, our common propensity is to “harden up.” Our stance is straight, we utilize formal dialect, show apprehensive idiosyncrasies, and so forth. Oddly enough, certain individuals make this staggering feeling of solace (which might be profoundly tied, too). Many couples and dear companions refer to this wonder.

7. Same Interests
What number of ladies can sincerely say that they cherish computer games? Football? MMA? What number of men can genuinely say that they adore lighthearted comedies? Nestling? Amy Schumer? This author isn’t attempting to generalization or categorize either sexual orientation. The fact is that male and female interests have a tendency to go the inverse headings. There’s nothing amiss with this reality – it is the thing that it is. For companions and sweethearts, particularly of the inverse sex, it is rare to discover somebody with similar interests. Once more, this is one segment of science that is particularly effective.

8. Physical Contact
Lively and guiltless touching is a close general indication of science. In spite of the fact that companions, in reality, participate in this kind of “play touch,” it’s more ordinary amid dating and further sentiment. Play touch is a definitive icebreaker. Men and ladies adore utilizing this conduct to gauge how somebody feels about them. Common engagement of play touch is quite often an unmistakable indication of science.

9. Energy
The keep going conduct on our rundown is energy – missing the person’s quality while restlessly anticipating the following chance to see them once more. Excitement, while it doesn’t sound excessively energizing, is a significant excellent thing. One delightful component of enthusiasm is that it remains – and to a solid degree– all through the relationship. Indeed, even on days when our accomplice drives us up a divider, and we feel as though we couldn’t get any more baffled, this inclination gradually offers a route to a feeling of suspicion – and of aching for the individual, we cherish.

7 Daily Habits That Build A Strong Romantic Relationship

We all want to have the perfect relationship. We believe that one day we will meet a special person, fall in love with them and everything will be perfect. However, very often our expectations and dreams are completely different from the reality. The truth is that to build a strong and happy relationship you should work a lot.

You should be patient and wise to understand and to accept your loved one the way they are. It will take a lot of time to get to know your partner and start feeling comfortable with them. Today we are going to help you a little bit. Here are 7 daily habits which will help you to build a strong romantic relationship. Following them, you’ll manage to live happily with your loved one. Try at least one of them and you won’t regret it!

1. Engage In Physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is one of the most important parts of the romantic relationship. That’s why you should hug, kiss and hold each other’s hand. It’s a great way to express your love, care, and support. Don’t hesitate and cuddle your loved one every time you want.

2. Practice Free And Open Communication

Communication is a great way to get to know each other better, to support and understand each other. It can help to solve all the problems and avoid quarrels. That’s why it’s so important to communicate with your loved one a lot.

3. Find New Ways To Connect With One Another

You should always try to find out something new about each other. You should find new topics to discuss, new places to go, and new goals to achieve. In this way, you’ll renew your connection and become closer.

4. Fix Any Fights You Might Have Within The Day

You should never go to bed until you solve your problems. If you have had any quarrel or disagreement, you should discuss it and fix the problem. In this way, you’ll understand the reasons for your problems and will be able to avoid new quarrels. By solving your problems before going to bed you’ll become closer.

5. Give Compliments One Another

You should always try to increase each other’s self-esteem. Don’t lose an opportunity to give compliments to each other. In this way, you’ll also show that your partner is the best for you. You’ll express your love.

6. Share A Few Laughs Together

Humor is one of those things which unite two loving hearts even more. Just have fun together. Jokes and funny situations will make your life together bright. Remember that sense of humor is always attractive.

7. Talk About Your Future

Many people are afraid to talk about it. They don’t want to frighten their partner and destroy their relationship. However, those couples who are not afraid to discuss their future are the strongest. They really love each other and want to stay together despite all possible obstacles.

11 Signs Your Partner May Be Sleeping With Someone Else (CHEATING With YOU)

It may prove to be a heart-wrenching and disheartening occasion for someone who finds one day that the person he or she has loved for so long and desire to spend his or her entire life with that particular person until they get old isn’t honest with him or her.

How heart breaking that can prove to be, and how saddening and melancholic feelings may weaken your soul in ways which may not be fathomable by people who do not go through such heart breaks. However, no matter, how much we may desire to live in that ideal world where false people with corrupt ideologies do not prevail and happiness is the only thing that can possibly exist, we have to face the reality and understand that in this real world where honestly, understanding and compassion are so rare these things do happen.

People with whom you think you may spend your entire life with love and peace can be dishonest with you and cheat on you. They can become selfish and self-centered at times, and for that you must read this article in order to know that in what ways can you figure out whether your partner is cheating on you and sleeping with someone else or not.

Here are these eleven things which you may consider, if they aren’t normal in your routine when it comes to your partner, which may help you find his or her true colours which they may be trying to hide. A partner who is cheating on you may do things in a different pattern than before and he or she may say things differently to you which you may find strange at times.

The ways in which a person may use his or her phone may signify some of their habits and their way of doing things. Almost every day we do use our phones and we may know how our partners may use his or her phone on their daily basis. You may know whether they put their phone anywhere in the house without being worried and protective about it, or they are usually concerned about it. If they usually do not show that kind of concern towards it, and suddenly they become protective about it, and they may keep it on silent or start keeping it with themselves so you may find things unusual and strange than before. They may not let you touch it or use it for anything at all. They may even put a lock instantly unlike before which should concern you.

In most of the cases, a pattern of coming home late is seen and experienced by many people. If your spouse comes home on time from work and never gets late, but out of nowhere you see a sudden change in his or her work patterns and they start coming home late so you may start making yourself alert in this regard. If they are not telling any specific reason of staying late at work and aren’t that interested in telling any specific reason regarding work or so, then it may be a clear sign that your partner is hanging out with someone else and is being dishonest with you and the relationship.

Until and unless your partner is not doing a job which makes him or her dirty and messy on a regular basis due to which it becomes necessary for him or her to take a bath, the keeping in check immediate showering patterns is quite illogical since they have to take it necessarily. However, if they start taking bath as soon as they come back from work so this may be a little strange since they may be trying to remove someone’s evidence of being with him or her. If their start taking shower at times when they usually did not do anything so this must concern you.

It is crucial to keep in check how your partner starts responding to the sex drive and whether it is still their like before or not. Sex drive can vary at certain times when a person is extremely stressed, have not exercised for long, nutrition and other reasons as well. However, if you were going completely fine in your sex drive and there weren’t any issues before, but suddenly your partner isn’t that much interested anymore, so this can become a matter of concern for you. He or she might be getting their requirements fulfilled by someone else in their lives. The reason behind being unfaithful and dishonest with your partners for women may be because they are not appreciated and given importance according to their emotional needs, and men may do the same of their sexual needs aren’t that much fulfilled by their partner.

It is important to notice whether you still enjoy and have fun while having sex with your partner or has it become boring and without any excitement at all. If the feelings you used to enjoy aren’t their anymore then it is a considerable matter since the partner may be interested in having sex with someone else by getting themselves fully involved.

In many cases, some partners may be caught cheating on their spouses if they suddenly become quite conscious of whether they are looking good always or not. The pattern here matters since some partners may want to change their look and may have discussed with you before, but a sudden change in tehri habits in this regard may signify that they are cheating with you.

Your partner may sometimes want to engage with you in a different way in order to make love to you in a more amiable way than before or make you feel appreciated, loved and taken care of genuinely, but if they make love to you in ways which are completely new to you or they haven’t said anything about it to you yet then they may be learning this kind of sex from someone else which may please them more often those days. In such scenarios, they may be cheating on you as well.

If your partner start avoiding having a straight forward and an engaging discussion with you unlike before than it may prove that are cheating on you, since they may start hiding stiff from you and become really specific and precise when it comes to talking to them about anything related to them or their work. They may not be in a mood to talk to you about anything and you may feel that they are hiding something or do not want to talk to you about something related to them.

They may start doing things differently on a daily basis which may make you wonder at times. They may ignore your constant phone calls and messages unlike before and reply or talk to you about things which are crucial to both or which can’t be ignored at all. They may become angry or wrathful on petty questions which may make them feel being judged negatively. They may be hiding someone else’s existence in their lives from you. They may stop saying all the lovely things to you, and become more formal with you which you may find quite unusual.

In most of such cases, partners may start their spouses feel ignored and won’t make them a priority in their lives anymore. They may start letting the down or start having an argument on issues they did not even bother to care about previously. They may make their partners feel lonely, sad and unappreciated most of the times.

Your partner may start avoiding your friends and family often than before and may not find it an interesting idea to organize dinners and parties within family as they may not want to spend time with them. They may have to suffer from extreme guilt when they may see your family and friends. In order to avoid such pressure and fear of getting exposed, they may start getting away from your friends and family unlike before.

The most effective way to deal with such issues if you are having any doubts is that you must have a constructive discussion about this with your partner and talk to them regarding it in detail. Figure out about the problems they are facing with you, and whether they are interested in making things better in their relationship or not. In this way, you can either decide to work on the relationship or move on with life by making better decisions than before.

9 Things Men Only Do With The Women They Love A Lot

Men and ladies demonstrate that they mind in altogether different ways. On the off chance that a man is ready to freely show his adoration for a lady, he isn’t messing around. It takes extraordinary powerlessness for a man to show and express precisely what he is feeling on such a huge scale. There are no less than 8 things a man will improve the situation the lady he earnestly cherishes.

1. He Listens Carefully
On the off chance that you ever feel that men some of the time carry on like kids, you’re not so much off-base. Most men just focus on things they are enthusiastic about. On the off chance that they cherish you, your voice is what their ears wanted to hear and you should simply say something that truly matters and they are snared. The man who truly cherishes you won’t just hear you, however, will focus on your words. You will see that he takes your recommendation and regards your musings.

2. He Fights With You
Truly, that is right. Battles are not generally a sign that the relationship is experiencing a terrible time. On the off chance that he genuinely cherishes you and is put resources into your relationship, he will set aside the opportunity to battle, talk about and discover answers for your relationship. Incidental talks are an indication that he needs to influence things to work. You need to locate a center ground where you both can be glad.

3. He Makes Sacrifices for Your Happiness
This is one of the greatest signs that a man adores a lady. On the off chance that he changes his designs from something he might want to accomplish something he knows would make you glad, he is demonstrating that he cherishes and regards you and is ready to dependably put you first.

4. He Fights for Your Love
A man in affection will take the astoundingly and battle to keep your adoration. He will climate the coldest winters and the rainiest spring showers just to be with you. A man in adoration feels fortunate to have you in his life and makes it realized that losing you is the exact opposite thing he could ever need.

5. He’s Proud of Your Achievements
At the point when a man adores a lady, all that she does feels like his own particular accomplishments. It’s practically similar to the pride a mother feels when their youngster accomplishes something kind or new out of the blue. A man in adoration does not rival the lady he cherishes, a man in affection wins with the lady he adores.

6. He Thinks You Look Beautiful Even on Your Worst Days
Fourteen days prior, one of my colleagues had a mouth blister on her best lip. She didn’t feel sufficiently great to meet her sweetheart that day since she didn’t need him to see her like that. In any case, subsequent to social event the supposition of the entire office, the agreement was that on the off chance that she got together with him with the sore and he couldn’t have cared less, it would be an indication that he was truly intrigued by her for her and not only her looks. At the point when a man truly cherishes a lady, she generally looks excellent regardless.

7. He Cares About Your Family and Friends Because You Do
A man in affection comprehends that your loved ones are essential to you, and on the off chance that they are upbeat, you will be as well. On the off chance that he adores you, he will persistently tune in as you share nitty gritty stories about your companions’ lives. He will perceive their significance in your life and will offer answers to their issues with real intrigue.

8. He’s Not Afraid to be Vulnerable
Men don’t care to be powerless—ever—yet in the event that he cherishes you, he won’t have an issue with demonstrating to you that he is reluctant to lose you.

9. What’s more, last however not the minimum, his sexual objectives concentrate on your pleasure since this is something he finds critical.

5 Annoying Things Women Do In front Of Their Men!

The greatest benefit of being in a pure, meaningful relationship with someone is gaining that level of comfort that only time and experience can provide. Along with that here come some behaviors that should be off-limits, no matter how deep and pure the relationship is. It’s not about like passing gas or waxing your upper lip. Women can impress you with their looks, their charm and fashion sense. Some can be too concerned about how they act in front of men and just end up acting like someone they are not. Others have no boundaries when it comes to the inappropriate.

There are some downright nasty things that should be kept private. Take a look at these 5 annoying things that women still do in front of their men.

1. Pop Pimples
The first thing that comes to mind when you look into the mirror and see a pimple on your face is to pop it. Fight back and take control, those inside voices keep saying. Those inside voices sometimes get the better of us and we go wild to get that satisfying feeling of removing that pimple.

Some women push the boundary and would pop the biggest pimples in front of any men they are attracted to. Most men will always associate certain women with popping pimples and it has always been like that for a very long time.

2. Picking Nose
Did your parents not teach you to use a tissue when your nose is getting a little stuffy? The sight of a woman digging around for gold in their nostrils is not the most attractive site, especially for a guy you are trying to impress because it comes off as impolite.

Everyone picks their nose or has picked their nose at some point. Some women don’t even hide it and just go all out on their nose digging for the biggest golden nugget. But it takes another level of courage to do that in front of a guy.

3. Fart in front of their men
There are specific places where releasing gases can be considered funny and hilarious. But letting one rip on a date is considered a no-go zone. This too goes for some guys who think it is impressive or funny to fart in front of a girl. Just in case you didn’t know, you need to keep it to yourself.

No one wants to hear it or even worse, smell it. With a long-term partner, it might be okay occasionally but don’t make it a habit. It might be natural but very distasteful.

4. Pick their panties
It doesn’t matter if you are wearing your most comfortable pantie because chances are that you might still get wedgies without even noticing. The matter is how you can get yourself out of a wedgie situation? No one wants to see you dancing around trying to pick a wedgie.

If you are feeling uncomfortable and you are in front of a guy, excuse yourself and take care of it in the bathroom. If you think it’s okay to yank at your pantie in front of a guy, an embarrassing nickname to be given to you and it will not be a good one.

5. Complain About their periods
Girls shouldn’t be ashamed of the natural processes taking place within their bodies. Most guys know the struggle of womanhood taking place that one week of every month. If you are lucky, some guys will even bring you chocolate and ice cream on that certain “period” of the month.

If you are getting to know a guy, don’t give too much information on this particular subject. Bring it up if you may but just be aware that most guys don’t really understand the process and don’t want to hear all the details.

Marry Her if She Has These 9 Qualities 5th Is important

A supportive and loving girlfriend plays a great role in one’s life. There is nothing more beautiful in this world to be loved. Loving someone is the most beautiful feeling and loved by a right person is a blessing. If you are in a relationship with a girl, you should definitely check these signs in her. And if you find these qualities in her, you should believe that you have a gem and you are a lucky one! And you should adore her the most.

A girlfriend is like a support system for a boy. She’s always there by his side in thick and thin. Sometimes a girl demands for change in behavior with the change in situations that become quite difficult for a guy to accept. For example, if a girl is in low mood state, she would demand you to be more polite and loving towards her. Couples have most of their conflict in these type of situation. If your girlfriend accepts you as who you are, always remember that you have a great person in your life and you should stick to her, and never let her go.

S*x is believed to be an essential part in a relationship. It makes your relationship stronger. If a girlfriend is comfortable enough and you guys have no communication gap, she is truly a loyal partner. Boys really like those girls who love to talk about s*x and s*xual matters. Sometimes, there are some s*xual matters that need to be solved as soon as possible. Because s*xual issues are the reason of conflict in a relationship, so it should be solved quickly. If a girlfriend is cool enough, she will definitely discuss those matters and solve the problems. That also shows your concern about your relationship!

People say long- distance relationships are never believed to be successful. There are many reasons for that such as communication gap, s*xual issues and conflicts that are never being solved. It is not easy to make understand your situation to the other person who is sitting far away from you. You will not feel that comfortable talking to him/her. If a girlfriend supports you in the idea of long-distance relationship, she’s one person to be appreciated. Because in long-distance relationship, there comes a time, when you guys can’t be together but you badly need your soulmate to be with you. She handles such situation sensibly and lovingly.

Relationship should be kept fresh and new, no matter what. You should always try new things together. If your girlfriend excites you and attracts you towards herself, every time you meet her, you should never let her go. This freshness can be tested when you both talk for hours and hours, and you never feel bored. And you guys still have so much to talk about. If you have this freshness in your relationship, you should stick to this girl for life. If you relate this with your relationship, do comment!

A day of a person is full of ups and downs. He has to go through his office work, earns money for his wife and children and coming back home with stress. In this situation, A girl plays a very supportive role. He need a person you would listen to him and understand him. When you are feeling low and you are going through some tensions in your life. And then you talk and discuss all the matters with her. And you immediately feel light and better. You should feel lucky enough, that you are blessed to have such an amazing life partner. A man need a supportive and most of all, a real girl who would be beside him, no matter what. This type of girl is quite difficult to find. If you have one in your life, never let her feel down.

As I have talked about it earlier, s*x is one essential part in your relationship. It makes your relationship wild, energetic and stronger. If your girlfriend is actually concerned about you, she will definitely be concerned about your s*x life. She will be confidently talking about it and her goals will be all about the pleasure in bed as well as in your life. A loving girlfriend knows what makes her man excited. She plan out for every night with something different and be prepared with it. If your girlfriend has this quality in her, you should never leave her at any cost!

Family is one blessing too. A girl should always consider and love your family and friends like her family. She should be kind and loving towards them. It is kind of her job to adore the people you love. If your girlfriend loves you, she will be interested in your friends and family both. She will love you and the people around you. She should claim your mom and dad as her own. One thing she should understand is that she comes after your parents. Parents always come first. Despite of knowing and understanding this, she is always keen to meet them and welcome them in her best way, and this is one of the best possible qualities found in her.

Intelligence is that one quality, which every man is in search for. A man should consider her girlfriend to be capable enough to discuss ideas and fully understand his perspective. She should help him in his work when he is stressed out and be motivational. She should be resourceful for him. A guy is quite attracted to a girl who is confident and independent, so she should have confidence in her. It’s not like; she is fully dependent on his boyfriend. She should understand all her duties and possibly do it in the best way. If you find this quality in your girlfriend, do let her know!

You give respect and you earn it. Giving respect is the most important and most basic need of a relationship. A girlfriend who would love you will never share your secrets with others. She would respect your privacy and she will understand the fact that the things you both talk with each other should be considered in between you two. No third person would never be allowed to interfere in your personal life. It’s not only her duty to respect you but you should prioritize her and respect her in the same way. If you find these qualities in your girlfriend to share with us in comments!

10 Signs He’s Not A Cheater

It has been indicated in a recent study that marriages are failing due to an increased rate of cheating. Despite this study being upsetting and troubling at the same time, researchers have also discovered new ways through which you can now see if you are in the clear with your relationship or marriage or not. The results of these studies might vary which is why we have indicated a few points for you that will help you in seeing whether your guy is cheating on you or not.

#1.You’re in the clear if you have the same paycheck:
Numerous studies have demonstrated that couples that bring around a similar amount of paycheck home are more averse to be associated with cheating, than the partners in which the male earns altogether more or earns fundamentally less than the other partner.

#2.You’re in the clear if he’s from the mid-west:
The song small-town boy describes the traits of men who live in the countryside as being sincere and according to a recent study, men from small towns tend to be too polite as well as sophisticated to cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

#3. You’re in the clear if it’s easy to keep track of his spending’s:
We do not suggest looking into his wallet for checking the amount of money he has spent, but if huge amounts of cash start disappearing from his account and he starts acting shady, then you should be suspicious. However, it is advised to talk things out with him before you accuse him of cheating.

#4.You’re in the clear if his friends are faithful too:
Scientists have found in a recent study that the kind of friends a guy has around him tell a lot about his character. Men who have friends that are happy in their relationships and are faithful to their wives tend to be faithful in their relationships as well. This is because people are impressionable and take after the individuals we hang out with.

#5.You’re in the clear if he feels emotionally satisfied:
Guys who feel emotionally stable and happy in their relationships are less likely to cheat on their partner as compared to those who are unhappy emotionally. According to a study, guys cheat on their partners not just for physical intimacy but for emotional intimacy as well.

#6. You’re in the clear if he is not an introvert:
Guys who are introverts tend to cheat more as compared to those who are extroverts. Extroverts are loyal because they are in the habit of meeting new people every day and eventually settle down for the person they are most satisfied with.

#7. You’re in the clear if your gut says he’s not a cheater:
Your guy is not a cheater if your guts tell you so. All women tend to be blessed with instincts which inform them when their guy is cheating. So all you need to do sometimes is to rely on your gut.

#8. You’re in the clear if he loves rock music:
Scientists conducted a study which revealed that men who like rock music are less likely to cheat on their partners as compared to those who are into different genres. Now you can be happy for putting up with all the rock music in your guy’s car.

#9.You’re in the clear if has more family members:
Men who belong to big families are more nurtured and have a sense of responsibility within them. Most guys who cheat are have small families which makes them more demanding.

#10.You’re in the clear if he isn’t easily aroused:
A study revealed that guys who get aroused easily tend to cheat on their partner more as compared to those who guys do not get aroused easily. However, the study does not suggest that all men who get aroused fast are cheaters so this cannot be taken as a general rule.

If Your Guy Does These 11 Things – Don’t Let Him Go

When we are in a relationship, our daily lives can get on top of us and we can often forget just how perfect and amazing our partners are. That’s where we come in! We want to remind you how incredibly lucky you are to have such an awesome man in your life. If your man does these 11 things, take our advice and do everything you can to keep him.

1. The way he looks at you
Actions speak louder than words. If your man can look at you straight in the eye and talk to you, it shows that he is an honest person and does not have any pretences. Also, the way he looks at you shows how much he cares about you and loves you.

2. He can make you laugh
“The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.” If your man has the power to make you laugh no matter what mood you are in, then girls, he is a keeper!

3. He is supportive
If he supports you in your decisions and is always there for you, you know he is one supportive man. You should be able to count on him and he should make you feel that he will always have your back.

4. He is caring
When you are unwell he is always ready to take care of you. He understands you when you are PMSing and is ready to pamper you and fulfill all your crazy cravings. He doesn’t know what periods are really like, but he is ready to make a cup of hot tea for you and give you a massage. What more can a girl ask for?

5. He never sleeps on a fight
It is natural for every couple to have fights but if he makes an attempt to end a fight before sleeping so that you guys don’t go to bed angry with each other, then he surely knows how to keep and maintain relationships.

6. He listens to you
He is always ready to listen to you. No matter how tired he is, he attentively listens to your updates about your day at work, what your friends did, what happened at home and everything else. He shows genuine interest in every word you speak.

7. He compromises for you
We are often not willing to adjust and compromise for others and are happy when things are in our favor. But if your man is willing to adjust and compromise for you and your relationship, it shows how much he values what you share.

8. He has no trust issues
Trust is the core of a relationship. If your man has so much trust in you that he has never felt the need to doubt you and neither has he ever given you a reason to doubt him, then that is a sign of a healthy relationship.

9. He respects you
He never hurts you or disrespects you. He respects you for the woman you are and is always there to protect you.

10. He makes an effort with your family
If your partner makes an effort to gel with your family members, you should not let him go. A guy who is enthusiastic about meeting your family, and is ready to incorporate himself as a part of it, is surely a keeper! He is not scared of your father’s round of questions and is always willing to answer them and face them with a smile. Also, if your parents like him back, congratulations to you, you have found your man!

11. He adores you
He reminds you how beautiful you are every single day. He often makes efforts to surprise you. He assures you that you mean the world to him, and he never lets go of an opportunity to let you know how much he loves you. Ladies, when you find a man who is ready to express his love for you in every way possible, do not let him go!

10 Ways Women Act When They Don’t Love You Anymore

Understanding women isn’t easy and the fact that they can hide their emotions pretty well just makes deciphering them harder. When women give up on a relationship, they will be hesitant to be vocal about it until the very end. What they will do is show subtle signs of dissatisfaction for you to pick up on. If you can’t see these red flags and don’t act quickly enough, fixing the relationship could be beyond hope. Here are 10 warning signs to look out for when she’s not in love with you anymore:

Communication is the most vital key behind the survival of any relationship. Whether you’re relationship has its ups and downs or not, when communication fizzles out there is no hope of bringing the relationship back to life. A couple who communicate with each other about the things that are bothering them, relationship wise or other, are more likely to survive a rough patch as compared to partners who shut each other out.

Women love to talk and usually take the responsibility of making small talk at home. They have a dozen things on their mind and cannot wait to share details of what happened at work or at home during the day over dinner with you.

If you feel that conversations have bubbled down to almost being non-existent and that you are the only one raking your mind for things to talk about, then there is definitely something more serious at play than just ‘I’m too tired to talk’. While it could mean that it is her way of telling you that she’s mad, but if she continues to be like that without telling you why or communicating about what’s bothering her then be very worried.

Has she suddenly started acting as if everything about you is bothering her? Does she give you annoyed glances when you are doing things you normally do in routine? Does she seem constantly agitated in your presence and won’t tell you why? Women are very expressive about how they feel and if they are irritated with you, one way or another they will make sure they get that message across. This kind of behavior isn’t normal and is definitely not healthy.

She could be the cranky type, as we discussed in #3, but she could also be the quiet type. If she just doesn’t bother with your antics anymore and doesn’t get mad at things she normally would get mad at, then these aren’t very healthy signs either.

Don’t assume that she has learnt to accept all the irritating things that you do. It could very well be that she doesn’t find the energy or motivation in herself to invest emotionally in you anymore.

When two people fall in love, and get married, they give each other their hundred percent support as well. That means she’s always there for you, cheering you on and so are you. But if you feel that she has disconnected and only focuses on herself, her work and has made herself a priority then things are heading south. Of course you would want her to be independent and chase her dreams.

She’s an individual and a whole person outside of being married to you but women tend to disconnect with the people they no longer have feelings for. They will shift the focus to themselves and you will slowly fall off their radar entirely.

One of the signs of intimacy that women show is that they aren’t conscious about opening up emotionally in front of you. They will share their greatest fears with you, what they want in the future and are not afraid to let the water works flow freely in front of you.

However, when she stops opening up in front of you and doesn’t let her emotions through any more, it could be a sign that things aren’t working out for her as they did before.

You can tell a woman is head over heels in love with you because she will make you feel that way. She will think of little gestures of love and acts of intimacy to let you know how much you mean to her. Women are great at making their loved ones feel extra special. When she stops loving a man, the very desire to do something special for her SO dies. She just doesn’t bother herself anymore because she isn’t invested in the relationship like she used to be.

Perhaps one of the fieriest red flags is in the bedroom. It is a warning sign if she is always too tired or not in the mood. She pulls away when you try to initiate something and always has a excuse ready. You will know the passion has died and when you two do get down to something, it feels forced and as if she is just going through the ropes of it all. Relationships are in a serious danger when sexual intimacy begins to dwindle.

You may have had the worst week at work but that doesn’t faze her. She has a neutral, bored and what-do-I-care expression on her face as you tell her about your work troubles or share your thoughts on something troublesome.

Your problems are no longer her problems. Where she would previously have shown interest, would have had lengthy discussions and help you solve a problem, now she wishes you would just leave her alone and stop talking.

Women crave attention and they give a lot of attention to their SO as well. If previously, she couldn’t wait to shower you with her undivided attention as soon as you walked in the door (and demanded yours too) but seems distant and disengaged as of recent then it is obviously a warning sign that shallow waters are running deeper than you can swim in here.


No one wants to find that they are not a priority in their romantic relationships. It is a hard realization to come to, and many people tend to ignore the signs that they are not a priority by rationalizing them away. Indeed, some of these signs can be rationalized, but when a significant other is presenting with more than a few, it may be time to reassess the relationship. Here are fifteen signs that you’re an option in a relationship, not a priority:

1. The other person never wants to make plans in advance.

2. You make all the concessions in the relationship– if it can be called a relationship.

3. It feels like you’re always waiting on them, but they never wait on you– if you ask them to wait, they bail.

4. They are seeing other people and make it known that you are not the only one– or even the most important one.

5. All of your interaction happens behind closed doors: there are never date nights or outings.

6. When you get fed up, they reel you back in with sweet words and everything you want to hear, but then quickly return to old behaviors.

7. Your calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, SnapChats, and so on all go unanswered. In this day and age, almost everyone is constantly attached to their phone– you know they saw it and chose not to respond.

8. You feel taken advantage of. This is important, because intuition is often correct, and when it feels like someone doesn’t care, it is because they are not expending the effort to show you that they care.

9. There are always excuses regarding why you can’t be together: if someone wants a relationship with you, they’ll find a way. Excuses mean a lack of investment and often a lack of mutual interest.

10. They never seem to show any interest in your life or the things that you do on a daily basis. When you do talk about things, they tend not to remember.

11. You catch them lying to you about seemingly insignificant things. It’s rare that these things are actually insignificant– more often than not, they are quite significant.

12. You feel like they’re bored when they’re around you.

13. They act secretive and suspicious, like they’re constantly hiding something.

14. They have no understanding about things that are important to you, and often miss big events for their own plans, sometimes canceling at the last minute.

15. The person makes you feel bad, depressed, or unhappy more than they make you feel happy.

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Everyone makes mistakes in relationships, but learning how to see when it is time to let go because of a lack of mutuality is an important life lesson to learn. These signs– especially when more than three or four are present– are good red flags that indicate when it might be time to let the relationship go.

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